Binding department

Finishing with a focus on quality

We have a large up-to-date binding department where we can accomplish almost any job as to finishing of printed matters.
With a modern and advanced production plant we can handle all types of paper and all sizes, and our dedicated and competent employees will make sure you get a fine outcome.

Our binding department always oozes activity. We work round the clock – and every day our dedicated employees hold an impressive number of jobs in their hands. Common to all is that we never compromise on quality.
Binding department

Pleased to give advice

We offer a lot of different solutions when it comes to finishing. At Strandbygaard we are always ready to give advice and our suggestion as to solving a problem in the best possible way.
– Adhesive binding (Flex binding)
– Thread-stitching
– Folding
– Creasing rule
– Perforation
– Special packaging
– Logistics
– Soft cover
– Trimming
– Embossing
– Die-cutting
– Index die-cutting
– Work by hand
– Distribution
These are just some of the jobs we accomplish in our binding department, so if you have any questions for a job - please contact us by mail:
Binding department

Packing and distribution

Once the printed matters are ready for our customers, our packaging department will apply the finishing touches to the job.
Naturally, we pack according to the terms agreed upon on placement of order, and there is no problem in sending to more than one consignee – wherever in the country/the world the customer may live.

In our packaging area the last finish is done, too. We can for example drill holes / die-cut for mounting, glue elements together, foil pack, wrap up, also as a gift.

Strandbygaard cooperates with reliable distributors who will every day make sure that the many parcels are picked up here and brought to the consignee safe and sound.

The printed matters will always be well wrapped up, with a minimum risk of damage to the goods. All goods are sent with a packing list so the consignee can easily see what is in the individual package, and the boxes are also marked with number of printed matters and order name.
Binding department


With our mailing system we can add yet another product to our portfolio. We can print variable data, and this may be used for addressing on products as loose leaves, folders, pamphlets and catalogues. This initiative makes us able to deliver a product ready for distribution.
Binding department

Index die-cutting

Index die-cutting has many advantages, but most important it gives an increased functionality for the reader, and if the catalogues are used as a daily reference work you can really save time.
We can offer index die-cutting with Thumb index, 90 degrees tab, 120 degrees tab and 8 and 10 mm round corners.
Index die-cutting will give you:
– Increased functionality
– Larger perspective
– User-friendliness
– Quick and efficient use

Please mail inquiries to:
Finger stans
120˚ Index die-cutting
90˚ Index die-cutting
120˚ fanestans
90˚ fanestans
Binding department

Wohlenberg Sprinter adhesive binder

Perfect binder with 12 stations for the production of books / catalogues.
Fully-automatic, which will shorten change-over time considerably when changing from one size to another.
Produces up to 6,000 books/catalogues per hour. Sizes from small pocket books up to books of 384 pages + cover.
The best result in connection with perfect binding is with a spine of min. 1.5-2 mm.
Binding department

Horizon B1 folding machine

Two fully-automatic Horizon B1 folding machines, with 6 pockets, side pocket and two knives.
Binding department

Horizon B2 folding machine

A fully-automatic Horizon B2 folding machine, with 8 pockets and additional equipment for folding of small formats.
Binding department

Müller Martini Primera E140 gatherer-stitcher

Advanced Müller Martini gatherer-stitcher with trimmer, 5 stations and cover feeding device.
Will gather and stitch sizes from “Pixibooks” to A3.
The gatherer-stitcher machine has a capacity of up to 14,000 pamphlets per hour.
With the built-in automatic setting system we are sure to have a quick change-over, where feeder, stitcher, trimmer and stacker will be adjusted quickly and precisely. Thus we have the optimum security of a perfect gathering, stitching and edging.
Binding department

MBO T530 folding machine

The MBO T530 model is characterised by its versatility where the pocket configuration gives a great number of folding options. The folding machine has a flat pile feeder, a most efficient and time-saving function.
Binding department

Polar 137 Autorim cutting machine

Polar 137 Autorim cutting machine, RAH-4, STR-1000-4, gripper system + RA-A +
Fully automatic and programmable making things more efficient and reducing risk of errors.
Careful automatic depalletizing.
Binding department

Polar 115 cutting machine

Polar 115 cutting machine with jogger and depalletizer.
Size: From 25 mm to 1150 mm.
High speed cutter secures a quick and very precise cutting, with a precision down to 1/100 mm.
Fully automatic and programmable making things more efficient and reducing risk of errors.
Careful automatic depalletizing.

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