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Strandbygaard A/S is in the lead when it comes to quality and environment. Therefore, we obtained a large number of certifications, and we make improvements all the time.We have been quality certified according to ISO 9001.
We received an environmental certification according to ISO 14001, by which we make environmental improvements.

We produce sustainable printed matters according to FSC®, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and ClimateCalc.

We show corporate social responsibility and support the principles of the UN Global Compact. Read under the individual paragraphs, if you want to learn more.

There are strict rules about the use and position of the different eco-labels. Please contact us to hear more at phone number +45-96 800 700 or mail: grafisk@strandbygaard.dk

The UN’s Sustainability Goals

The 17 goals for sustainable development comprise the global plan of work aiming, amongst other things, to stop climate changes.

In order to achieve these goals, everybody has to make an effort: governments, businesses and each individual alike.

At Strandbygaard we have chosen to focus on three goals.
Sustainable energy
One of the partial targets under goal 7 is:

7.b By 2030, to expand infrastructure and upgrade technology for supplying modern and sustainable energy services for all in developing countries, in particular least developed countries, small island developing states, and land-locked developing countries, in accordance with their respective programmes of support.

When you choose to make your printed materials carbon neutral, you are supporting climate projects around the world that promote sustainable energy.

Over the next few years Strandbygaard will also focus on how our own production can become more carbon neutral.
Responsible consumption and production
Via our EMAS and ISO 14001 certifications and the Nordic Swan eco-label we have constant focus on our environmental impact and are helping to achieve the following targets:

12.4 Responsible handling of chemicals and wastes
12.5 Substantially reduce waste generation
12.6 Encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices
12.7 Promote public procurement practices that are sustainable
12.8 Ensure that people everywhere have the information and awareness to live sustainably
Life on land
Via FSC® we are helping to achieve the following targets:

15.1 Conserve and restore terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems
15.2 Halt deforestation and restore degraded forests
15.3 Combat desertification and restore degraded land and soil
15.5 Protect biodiversity and natural habitats
15.b Provide finance and incentives for sustainable forest management

More details about the UN’s Sustainability Goals are available at www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment

The Nordic
Swan Ecolabel

Strandbygaard brings much focus to the environment, and we were since 2009 certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel shows that our products are among the least damaging ones to the environment within our field. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the guarantee of our customers and our immediate environment that our products will meet the strict environmental demands. Our licence number is: 5041 0751.

Please contact Strandbygaard at phone number +45 96 800 700 to learn more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on your printed matters.
Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel >


FSC® is an international certification scheme for wood and paper. In a FSC® forest no more trees will be cut down than the forest can manage to reproduce by itself.
FSC® is a guarantee that wildlife and vegetation will be protected, and that the people working in the forest are sure to have training, safety equipment and a decent salary.

By choosing a FSC® certified production every single product can be traced, and thus the customers can make sure that they contribute to a responsible running of the world forests, including health and security for the foresters and in regard to wildlife and vegetation.

Please contact Strandbygaard at phone number +45 96 800 700 to learn more about FSC® certification of your printed matters.

Read more about FSC® >

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Normally, we are soft and flexible when it comes to customer needs, but when it comes to quality and environment we take a more severe stand.
At Strandbygaard we have high standards for ourselves and our suppliers. We want to secure a consistent quality of our products and processes. Every day we practice to live by our motto – go right, first time, on time.

In addition to our demands to raw materials and production process we emphasize a motivating work environment where security is at the top.

When it comes to nature our approach is quite simple – we print with care for the environment, and we follow the international standards for quality and environmental management.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management that must secure systematic processes as to purchase, production and sale. The certification also demands the wording of a quality strategy and an ongoing development of the quality work at Strandbygaard. The certification is revised once a year, and it is checked if we comply with all the established procedures.

Read more about ISO 9001 >

ISO 14001

As an ISO 14001 certified company we meet international standards for environmental management. The certification is a tool to manage, monitor and reduce the environmental impact which is the result of our activities.

ISO 14001 demands that we continuously document environmental improvements by setting goals and making action plans. The certification is revised once a year, and it is checked if we comply with the established environmental goals.

Read more about ISO 14001 >

Social and environmental responsibility

At Strandbygaard we aim at supplying sustainable solutions to the benefit of people, environment and society. By joining the Graphic CSR Code we committed ourselves to show social and environmental responsibility. The Graphic CSR Code takes as its starting point the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, but has been made more targeted against the graphic industry.
The purpose of the Graphic CSR Code is to give guidelines how we as a company can contribute to solve the social and environmental challenges in consequence of the globalisation. The principles of the code show the way how we as a company by our actions respect the fundamental human rights and employee rights, take a responsibility for the environment and work against all kinds of corruption.

Our joining the Graphic CSR Code contributes to hold our focus on social responsibility in our activities and to strengthen the ongoing communication about the progress we make as to CSR.

We committed ourselves to the following 10 principles:

Human Rights
1. To support, respect and protect the internationally proclaimed human rights
2. To make sure that human rights are not violated

Working Conditions
3. To sustain freedom of association and acknowledge the right to collective negotiations 4. To support the eradication of all kinds of forced labour
5. To support an efficient abolition of child labour
6. To eliminate discrimination in relation to conditions of employment

7. To support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
8. To initiate the promotion of a larger environmental responsibility
9. To encourage to the development and introduction of environmentally friendly technologies

Opposing Corruption
10. To oppose all kinds of corruption, such as blackmail and bribe.

Social and environmental responsibility

Strandbygaard was since 2013 certified to supply CO2 neutralised printed matters.

By choosing to CO2 neutralize your printings, you support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Your support is primarily for activities that reduce CO2 emissions, and as a natural part, these activities lead to employment and education for the locals as well as many other good things.
In practice it happens so that we acquire a number of CO2 credits (for example of 100 tonnes) that we resell to the customers who want a CO2 neutralised printed matter. The amounts from the purchase of the CO2 credits will support environmental projects all over the world, as for instance the planting of trees in the Amazonas or water projects in Africa. 

Please contact your consultant for more information.

You may find more relevant information via the below link:

http://dk.climatecalc.eu/ >

General Starch wastewater treatment, Thailand >

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